Tuesday, June 6, 2023


Just found that Sofia has put out her terrific Mena Gown Dress as a group gift. I'm not sure how long it will be available. There is a 150L charge to join the group, but Sofia is generous with gifts and deals, and this gown -- WOW



Mena Gown Dress/White

for Maitreya, Legacy Classic, Kupra, Reborn, Erika

Inworld: WIP (171,80,1502)


Necklace - part of Andrea Jewelry Set (I mean, why not?)

Inworld: WIP (223,85,1501)



Lynn Hair

Inworld: Sintiklia (201,23,32)


WoW Skins

Greta Group Gift Skin Evo X

Inworld: Longwood (59,126,undefined)




Bare Lipglow

Inworld: Sintiklia (201,23,32)




Inworld: Sintiklia (201,23,32)

(Sugarose usually has a weekend sale for lipstick and eyeshadow combos ranging from 50L to 100L)

Skin Enhancement


Ruby Skin - Rose Kiss for LeLutka EvoX

Inworld: Serena Ambrosia (81,113,801)


Maitreya Mesh Lara V5.3


Lelutka EvoX NOVA 3.1

Inworld: LeLutka (120,156,24)



Suki Lelutka Applier - Group Gift

Inworld: Full Throttle (205,105,1393)


Johnny Cash for the Country day

Ok this is going to be a long one but OMG was so much fun to make just had to add lots of pictures

I have gone for a very dark make up for eyes and lips along with a couple of tattoos which is some thing i rarely wear , ok i will rephrase that ,, INK i rarely wear but with this look it called for , I know such tattoos are not to everyones taste and usually not mine but today outfit warranted it .

Where i have a LM i have included but some of the items are only on MP so have tried to include a MP link for those

Inworld: Midnight Rain (144,213,1208)

Blouse and Top

From Avec Toi Magdelena corset and blouse from the Leather Pack, Blouse also comes with a lace finish which I felt was wrong for this look , as lets face it when did you ever see Johnny wearing a lacy feminine blouse.

Inworld: Avec Toi (12,128,1302)


Santiago Boots from Kokola have had for a while but never manage d to get an outfit to work with them but a little raid and imagination and i think have pulled it off , hope you think same.

Inworld: kokoia (194,128,24)

Boot add ons

These add-ons are not actually for these boots but the straps and spurs work and do add a little extra zing

Inworld: kokoia (194,128,24)


Amara #4 from Vision

Crocodile leather skirt , high enough waist to go under the blouse but short enough to show some leg above the boots.

Inworld: ViSion Land (153,63,22)


Mafia Fedora by MESHMAFIA, took a lot of fitting but eventually got there , teamed it with Solari a HB bun by Sap , not my usual blond or red as they just did not look right hence the Black.

Marketplace: Mafia-Fedora-Fatpack

Inworld: Yangeulla (217,111,151)

Sun glasses

Lunari by SHOOK

Oldddddddddddd pair , found at bottom of inventory

Inworld: Devotion (198,209,954)


Roosters fingerless Biker gloves

Inworld: Helgrind (95,65,22)

Neck Collar

Coralie by amias ... needed some thing around my neck but my usual pearls weren't working so went for a leather necklace .

Marketplace: amias-CORALIE-collar-pack

I have the usual errattic fishnet and various pieces of jewelery all just to bring the look together to my satisfaction .

Inworld: LE LOOK (119,121,2001)

Inworld: RAWR (58,195,3501)

As I said a long post but is a complicated outfit but i hope you think it is a bit different for the country and western Tuesday.

Am still including it in my shades series as again black is just a dark gray.


Saturday, June 3, 2023


Well Black is just a dark shade of Grey

This is a continuation/amendment to the previous two shades, a leather look so a bit tougher and away from the softer materials I used in previous two shades Still dressy but slightly more demanding.

Dress (Rowne Moto Dress)

I adore this off the shoulder leather almost a coat dress. It is from Rowne which is a creator you will see i use a lot from , decent textures and detail, the leather textures are not quite as advanced as Avec Toi but still good and they let you create interesting looks

Inworld: Caged Elegance (194,85,22)

Boots(Gos Cuissardes Boots)

I have teamed this dress up with a pair of boots by Gus

I adore the lacing , a good detail but also lets others see my stockings and helps to create a leggy look

Marketplace - Gos by Gospel Voom

I have included the MP store link in this instance although it is not the actual link for the boots

These boots have suficient fit around them so I can use mesh tights underneath with out too much bleed through , there are a couple of bits but as long as you keep the boot colour and the hose colour same it is acceptable.

Hose ( Erratic /ciri- pantyhose fishnet medium)

Inworld: LE LOOK (119,121,2001)

I wear erratic hose a lot as while it is costly it is also well rigged and i can wear it under some boots with out the dreaded bleed through.

Hat ( Poisen Rouge Sweet spell Hat)

Inworld: Poison Rouge (95,223,25)

What can I say ... it is sexy and frivolous and I adore it

In this outfit I have teamed it with Lunastra Earings from RAWR!

Inworld: RAWR (58,195,3501)

and a necklace from Rowne....told you that name will crop up a few times giggle

So that is the fith in my seres of shades of grey hope you enjoy


Thursday, June 1, 2023

CHAR'S WESTERN GARB by Charlenne Kitty

Well apparently Western Cowgirl Wednesday was a big smash that the powers that be decided that Tuesday will be western day. Of course I had to, "had to", run out and get me a new dress and when I saw this number I feel in love. I just had to get it. The only draw back to it is that it is for Maitreya ONLY!

which comes with a hat

and boots, Hey don't peek under my skirts.

I found it on the MP

Marketplace: TDS-The-Dark-Rose

Maitreya Body

Lelutka Head

Essences-Waleria skin

Hope you like it



Tuesday, May 30, 2023

SHOPPING LIKE A BOSS by Andrea Riverview

Putting together a wardrobe doesn't have to be expensive. By watching the weekend sales, joining groups and using gift card deals, you can look good and save your hard-earned linden. Of course, if you really love a designer's work, support them. Buy some things at the regular price.

Joining their group also is a benefit. Many will offer group gifts when you join, and continue to offer them if you stay in their group. Another advantage is the gift card deals they will share. You might find a 500L card for 250L, for example. Stash that away, and use it when they do a sale later.

Most of the items in this outfit came from weekend sales, like the Saturday Sale, Happy Weekend, SoKawaii Sunday, etc. They may not still be available at the sale prices.



"Victoria" Tux Dress in Pink

for eBody, Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra

Inworld: Sunrise Beach (64,157,1006)



"Becca" Necklace in Silver

Inworld: Serene Shores (151,47,903)



Aura Hairstyle

Inworld: Ade (124,158,1001)

HUD includes four styles, and ability to change tint on base, and strands.


WoW Skins

Greta Group Gift Skin Evo X

Inworld: Longwood (59,126,22)



KC Couture

MAIA v2 Pumps


Marketplace: KC-MAIA-v2-Pumps-Maitreya-Legacy-Kupra-Slink-More

I couldn't find this in the store, but these shoes are still available on MP. They also include a HUD with many color choices.



"Contour" Addon Collection, for various face highlights, for Lelutka eVox

Inworld: VELOUR (77,117,83)

WoW Skins

Beauty Marks

Inworld: Longwood (58,185,1602)


Ruby Skin - Rose Kiss for LeLutka EvoX

Inworld: Serena Ambrosia (81,113,801)


Maitreya Mesh Lara V5.3


Lelutka EvoX NOVA 3.1

Inworld: LeLutka (120,156,24)



Suki Lelutka Applier - Group Gift

Inworld: Full Throttle (205,105,1393)

Sunday, May 28, 2023


This started with a hat I saw Kathy wearing it and it was one of those items that i just had to have so i got giggle .. me bad.

Hat (Poisen Rouge Eternity Hat)

Inworld: Poison Rouge (95,223,25)

To get it to fit well I also had to take a leaf from Kathy and get this hair but the two work realty well together and you don't need to make the hat look so stupidly large to fit .

Hair is Stealthic Dice

Inworld: Rapture (106,142,106)

I have retained the choker and earing from the last outfit as this is an evolution from that 4th shade

Necklace( Vintage Choker by Rowne

Earrings Lunastra By RAWR!

Inworld: RAWR (58,195,3501)

Inworld: Caged Elegance (194,85,22)

Dress (Jodie deconstructed blazer by Ison)

Inworld: Stilast (170,123,2)

This blazer can be worn with or with out sleeves , with or with out a shirt top so again is a versatile item of clothing

Gloves (Amaya bento Gloves)

A glove that is part of a set but I adore cos of the cuff detail

Inworld: Stilast (170,123,2)

Boots(Noire boots by Remezzo)

Marketplace: Remezzo-Noire-Boots-Fat-Pack

With this outfit i kept them black but they have multiple colours and also 3 lengths

Hose again I retained from previous outfit.

So an evolution rather than a completely new outfit and the next shade is a further evolution ... hope you enjoy


Sunday, May 21, 2023


I wore this to the little black dress party on Wednesday and it created a lot of interest and was more or less told to blog it , so being the good girl (dont you dare cough or choke) I am I will do so.

Dress and hat ( Tux Dress by Rowne)

I adore the sexy formality of this dress , formal as it is a tux but sexy as it is a female take on a male item and shows a lot of flesh as well as leg.

Inworld: Caged Elegance (194,85,22)

The veil is actually a further hat buried in my hair but it again just adds thet little bit of edginess to the outfit

Violetility - cage Veil Fascinator

Marketplace: Violetility-Cage-Veil-Fascinator-Black

The hair is Soiree by Truth

Inworld: Truth (158,27,34)

Was a Vip gift, just to let you know I do often join groups to get gifts .. hayy with the shopping habit i have a girl needs all the help she can get.

Necklace( Vintage Choker by Rowne

I find this choker so versatile and can be used with so many outfits so is well worth the purchase.

Earings ( Lunastra by RAWR!)

Inworld: RAWR (58,195,3501)

These earings have become my basic worn earnings as again they go with everything.

Hose (erratic / ciri pantyhose fishnet medium)

Inworld: LE LOOK (119,121,2001)

teamed with a pair of high Platforms , a short skirt ... welllllllll legs just go on for ever and sure attracts attention .

Shoes( Erica by N-core)

again just adds to the look

Inworld: Heels (146,99,27)

So that is my third shade of grey, I admit I enjoyed putting it together and REALLY enjoyed the attention it created


Tuesday, May 16, 2023


In my previous 2 articles i have talked about proportion and the golden rule. In this article i want to talk about enhancements through concealers to create a totally unique look.

What I am wearing at the moment and that does not include makeup.

OK so i am excessive but I wont meet myself walking on to a sim and also each shader enhances or removes an issue with a skin, again it is my own opinion and others may totally disagree with me and think what i think of as a defect is to them a beauty plus but just as we use foundation and powder on a rl face to cover blemishes i use concealers on SL

Eye brows

I always use a skin with no brows and add either the lelutka ones from the hud or a tattoo from the likes of[Simple Bloom]...Marketplace:

Marketplace - Simple Bloom by Juno Panache again not exclusively as more and more creators are producing more and more for evox every day.

Before we go any further all my links and chat are directed towards the lelutka evox range as that is my preference and have used it since the range came out . A lot of what i say is comparable with other head ranges but the links wont be and for these articles i am sticking to what i know works


here i use two tattoos one to hide the lines around the mouth that lipstick always creates and also a cupids bow fix as often a lipstick will remove this. i add these before i add any lipstick again just to give me a totally individual look.

I use Izze Burton as she produces a great range and by using one creator you can get all the tones to be Inworld: Izzies (115,125,31)


Guess what i use concealer's here also. 3 in fact a nose shadow concealer and a nose shading Left and Right

After i have made my face which is basically what i would be doing in RL ie creating a base for make up but unlike in rl I now add freckles which is the opposite to rl as the make up base in rl tones these down but in sl if you use the concealers and freckles in the wrong order you can either completely hide the freckles tattoo or tone them down to such an extent you might as well not use them and i admit i do like my freckles .I also add a freckles to my body and my neck as not all skins come with a freckles option and even when they do there can be a gap between head and body where skin is bereft of any freckles

I was going to make a separate article about makeup but have decided against as it varies so much with each outfit and when i posting an article about a outfit in future i may add my makeup and hair choices ... will see.

I hope you have enjoyed these articles . I would reiterate that these are my thoughts based on my sl experience and in no way are set in stone or I telling someone what to do , just trying to set down some tips which I hope you find useful and are able to adapt to your own needs.